Advocate Status Verification

Punjab Bar Council introduces the services of Lower Court & High Court advocates current status. Advocates can find their status by using the following services:-

  1. through Online verification
  2. through email.
  3. through phone.
Online Verification procedure:
  1. Advocates can use our free, secure and user-friendly Online Verification Service to check the validity of their status instantly.
  2. Advocate can check either his personal status or someone else status.
  3. Select the option of Lower Court or High Court.
  4. In Personal Option, fill the first four textboxs and then select the any one option and fill the text box which is given below.
  5. Enter the date format like (yyyy-mm-dd) and enter the CNIC format like (00000-0000000-0 or 0000000000000).
  6. In Someone Else Option, fill the only four textboxs.
  7. Press the search button and result will be display.
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